• CBZ Reboot is an expansion of The Connor Bishop Zion Foundation (CBZ Foundation) with the vision of helping youth dancers, those with disabilities and high risk pursue their education and goals.
  • The mission of the CBZ Reboot project will continue with Connor’s basic vision of introducing youth to dance. Show how dance can be an inclusive program for able and disabled bodied individuals. Offer programs for youth (youth defined through College age) at risk.


  • USA Dance Los Angeles County Chapter's mission is to improve the quality and quantity of dance in the United States.
  • USA Dance programs include the support and establishment of chapters throughout the country, financial and training support of our country’s top athletes, organization and regulation of DanceSport competitions at the regional and national levels, encouragement of Special Olympics DanceSport and a K-12 after-school dance programs, support of seniors as recreational dancers and as athletes, fostering of a healthy, productive communications exchange via the general media and the USA Dance website, social media sites and the official publication American Dancer.

Rotary Club of Los Angeles - Myanmar Water Project

  • The Need for Clean Water - according to WaterAid (a clean-water non-profit NGO), diarrhea caused by dirty water and poor toilets kills almost 800 children a day around the world.
  • With an affordable investment of $9,000 per system, over 50, people in need now have access to clean potable water.